Bull. Soc. Hist. Nat., Toulouse, 141-1, 2005, 39-46

New radiometric datings of different cave bear sites in Germany 
- results and interpretations
By W. Rosendahl, D. Döppes, U. Joger, R. Laskowski, M. López Correa, R. Nielbock 
and V. Wrede

New radiometric dates from seven cave bear sites in Germany were achieved during the last two years. The dates were obtained for four sites from bone samples, for one site from two stalagmites and from another site from charcoal and bones. The bones and the charcoal have been dated with the AMS 14C-method and the stalagmites with the TIMS-U/Th-method. Sites are briefly described and all dates with their analytic values are presented and discussed in methodological and paleoclimatic context. Radiocarbon ages were calibrated using calPal2004 and paleoclimatic interpretation was made by correlation with the GISP2 ice core 18O-curve (Stuiver & Grootes, 2000), GI = Greenland Interstadial of the GIPS2 ice core.


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